Nehemiah Bible Institute empowers leaders… 

    • To know and understand the Bible better
    • To grow spiritually
    • To develop leadership and ministry skills
    • To make a difference in the community


  • The learning program is based on the Bible
  • Leaders and members of all churches are welcome!
  • Designed for the African context
  • Helping church leaders who have never had the opportunity to study
  • Meeting the practical needs of church workers
  • Emphasis on practical skills for church leadership and ministry
  • Suitable for personal spiritual enrichment, but designed to empower for church work

Main focus

The learning program mainly focuses on three levels of theological training:

  • Bible knowledge
  • Character formation
  • Leadership and ministry skills

The Nehemiah Bible Institute (NBI) is a non-profit company (NPC) that trains church leaders through a distance learning program. The course is specifically designed for church leaders who are already in ministry, but have never had the opportunity for theological training.


Living churches with spiritually competent leaders serving the coming of God’s Kingdom in their communities and the world.


To help church leaders develop their leadership and ministry skills as servants of God through a distance learning program based on the Bible.

Target group

Church leaders of all denominations who are already in ministry, but have never had the opportunity for training, are most welcome. We specifically designed the course to serve the needs of African churches that are not able to provide training for their own leaders. The African Initiated Churches (also known as African Independent Churches, or in short as AICs) find the learning program very helpful. At the same time mainline churches also use it for the training of their so-called lay leaders. Among our students therefore count archbishops, bishops, apostles, evangelists, pastors, preachers, church elders, teachers and youth leaders. About 40% of the learners are women.


NBI offers the following two certificates accredited by CE@UP (Continued Education at the University of Pretoria):

We also offer a certificate for the Sokhanya Bible Program (This is a new course at NBI to know more about it contact our office.