The biggest single challenge in South Africa is education and training. The dire need for skills in our society has been well established. The same holds true for church leaders. Researchers have indicated that there are in the region of ±150 000 uneducated church leaders in South Africa who are at the helm of small churches in our communities. We read in the media of ill-judged acts that so called Christian leaders perform. We see the results of a lack of theological training. Strange things happen in many of these churches. The government of South Africa has put the churches to task to apply self-regulation otherwise they will be regulated by law and control measures. Nehemiah Bible Institute (NBI) has been directly involved with theological training of African church leaders for the last three decades.

Bible Media and NBI are extremely serious about the issue of theological training for church leaders in Africa and are co-founders and sponsors of the Association for Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP). The ACRP was officially established in 2017 acknowledged and as the mouthpiece and representative of the ministers of the Christian church by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).