My name Is Zoliswa Cynthia Mqondeki, I live in Makhaza (Khayelitsha) and I’m currently one of the students at Emmaus Bible School (Khayelitsha branch). This bible school has had a huge impact in my life physically and spiritually. When I started I did not have a clear understanding of certain things such as discipleship, and leadership. It has taught me the importance of spending time with GOD (through prayer and reading the bible). At my church I am one of the busiest church members and as a result, when I get tired all I would usually think about when I get home, is to sleep. However, through this bible school I learned the importance of spending my time with GOD.

I am also able to balance everything that GOD gave me (time, money and people) and I must manage all of that well. Everything belongs to GOD that is why I, as child of GOD, I must give it back to him willingly. I was very bad with budgeting, but now I have learnt to do it excellently.