These are exciting times in the life of Nehemiah Bible Institute. For more or less two decades NBI has been working hard to get accreditation with the education authorities in South Africa. Due to this lack of accreditation, over the years we have been offering the University of Pretoria certificate to the learners who complete the NBI course. We are grateful to God and the Centre for Contextual Ministry at UP for this arrangement. It has made it possible for NBI to continue offering its much valued and appreciated grassroots theological training. This arrangement was never an original plan for NBI, but it came as a temporal arrangement as we work towards our own accreditation. We have now received approval by QCTO as a SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROVIDER offering the following two programs:

  1. Occupational Certificate: Religious Associate Professional (Christian Religious Practitioner)-NQF Level 2 (156 credits), (SAQA code-101997), (QCTO Curriculum code- 263601004)
  2. Occupational Certificate: Christian Religious Professional-NQF Level 5 (237 credits), (SAQA code101571), (QCTO curriculum code-263601005)
  3. The accreditation of NBI by QCTO has implications on the way we operate as an institution, and we are busy setting our systems in place so that we can better serve our students and all our stakeholders. From January 2020 students who enrol with NBI will no longer register towards getting a UP certificate. Students who are already registered towards getting a UP certificate will be given a maximum three (3) years to finish their studies with NBI. We advise those who seek clarity on the changes to communicate directly with the NBI office. The NBI prospectus (available on request from office and also downloadable at NBI website) will shed more light on some of the aspects of our operation. The application process for enrolment in January 2020 is already opened, people can get the application forms by contacting the NBI office. More information will be available on our website: We would like to assure all NBI stakeholders that we are taking all the necessary measures and considerations in dealing with this transition so that no one feels left out and disadvantaged.