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History of Nehemiah Bible Institute

The Nehemiah Bible Institute (NBI) was founded in 1988 by Bible Media. The goal of NBI is to provide grassroots theological training to church leaders, mostly from African Independent Churches (AIC’s) who never had the opportunity for formal theological education. Research has indicated that there are in the region of 150,000 church leaders in South Africa without theological training who are the helm of small churches in our communities.

The course lays a very strong theological basis at grassroots level training and focuses on the development of practical skills for these church leaders in their ministry in congregations throughout Southern Africa. The theological education takes the African context into consideration. It is relevant for church leaders from Africa’s cultural backgrounds and circumstances and accommodates the fact that most of these church leaders have hardly any education, do not hold a matric certificate and therefore have no entrance possibility to universities.

NBI makes a meaningful difference on the most basic level in the education of these African church leaders across the total spectrum of the independent churches. NBI has built partnerships over the years to provide this theological training in more than 12 countries in Southern Africa. The NBI course material has been translated into more than 10 languages that are used across Southern Africa and parts of the material are also used in India and Pakistan.

As an institute we offer three courses, namely Ministry Development Program (MDP) and a Church Leadership Development Program (CLDP) as well as Sokhanya Bible Program (SBP). MDP and CLDP serve as a bridging course between matric and university level. SBP accommodates pastors and church leaders who have lower levels of education than matric.

Through the years NBI built partnerships with the theological faculties of 4 university, South African universities (Pretoria, Stellenbosch and Free State) and SATS Online, as well as Mukhanyo Theological College. The certificate that students receive who completed the NBI course is issued by the University of Pretoria. At the University of the Free State (UFS) the complete NBI course is presented by the Shepherd Centre, and their students then receive a UFS certificate. Ekklesia, at the Theological Faculty at Stellenbosch University, uses the NBI course as a bridging course to prepare students for enrolling for the B.Th. degree (Bachelor in Theology).

Legal status

  • Non-Profit Company (NPC);  Registration number 2004/033346/08
  • Registered non-profit organization: 040-154-NPO
  • Full member of Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP)
  • ARTICLE 18A Staus

NBI Regional representatives
Rev Koos Kriel (Mpumalanga)
Pastor Selbie Nhlanhla Goqo (KwaZulu-Natal)
Pastor Edward Ndebele (Free State)

• Living churches with spiritually competent leaders serving the coming of God’s Kingdom in their communities and the world.

• To help church leaders develop their leadership and ministry skills as servants of God through a distance learning program based on the Bible.

• The learning program is based on the Bible
• Leaders and members of all churches are welcome!
• Designed for the African context
• Helping church leaders who have never had the opportunity to study
• Meeting the practical needs of church workers
• Emphasis on practical skills for church leadership and ministry
• Suitable for personal spiritual enrichment, but designed to empower for church work

Bible Media
• NBI is a division of Bible Media.