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My name Is Zoliswa Cynthia Mqondeki, I live in Makhaza (Khayelitsha) and I’m currently one of the students at Emmaus Bible School (Khayelitsha branch). This bible school has had a huge impact in my life physically and spiritually. When I started I did not have a clear understanding of certain things such as discipleship, and […]

I have molested children from an early age and I always made a plan to get access to children through my part time jobs, even my job at a church. I never gave God a second thought, nor did I care about the little lives I impacted and broke. I could not stop myself, even […]

It was one night at midnight when my corrupt friend and I were walking down the streets of Acorn Park, a suburb in Vereeniging. He was looking to make easy, fast cash in a dead street. As we walked down the street, we saw little street children sleeping in cardboard boxes, while their mothers were […]

The Nehemiah Bible Institute (NBI) was founded in 1988 by Bible Media. The goal of NBI is to provide theological training to church leaders – mostly from African Independent Churches – who never had the opportunity for formal theological education. The course was specifically designed to provide in their theological training needs. It lays a […]