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NBI report on CPD and QCTO Accreditation These are exciting times in the life of Nehemiah Bible Institute. For more or less two decades NBI has been working hard to get accreditation with the education authorities in South Africa. Due to this lack of accreditation, over the years we have been offering the University of […]

Val Hamann, NBI’s Mission Coordinator has contributed a new program to our prison ministry division called ‘Masquerade: What mask are you hiding behind?’ This book extends the range of programs to 27 different ones on offer to impact prisoner’s lives.

  In May NBI, accompanied by Pastor Robin Spengler, visited the Drakenstein Maximum Security Prison that is currently the only learner group being run in prison in South Africa. The prisoners really appreciated our visibility and interest in their studies and felt motivated after meeting us in person.

NBI took a road trip to Vredenburg to introduce the team to a church run by Senior Pastor Karel Marcus, who has 10 churches operating under him. All 10 churches, stretching from Vredenburg to Mossel Bay and George intend starting and running new learner groups, which will increase our footprint.