Prison Ministry Testimonies

Victory over suicidal tendencies in prison testimony – 2020 I wrote to the counsellor of NBI a year ago and told her that since I received a life sentence I thought my life was over. I had drastic thoughts of suicide and could not forgive myself for what I had done. The harsh and condemning […]

At age 6 my father decided to sell up the house and take my mother, brother and I to sail around the world. Despite protests that we would miss our first important years of schooling, my father went ahead and built the yacht. During this this time my father was an alcoholic and extremely abusive […]

It was one night at midnight when my corrupt friend and I were walking down the streets of Acorn Park, a suburb in Vereeniging. He was looking to make easy, fast cash in a dead street. As we walked down the street, we saw little street children sleeping in cardboard boxes, while their mothers were […]