Strategic partners

Bible Media

  • NBI is actually a division of Bible Media. As such we enjoy the privilege of using Bible Media’s extensive infrastructure without having to pay for all the services. This includes offices, telephone and internet services, equipment, personnel and facilities for marketing, printing and distribution.
  • Bible Media also provides financial support, making it possible for NBI to be one of the most affordable options for theological training in South Africa.
  • Link to Bible Media website:

Centre for Contextual Ministry (CCM), University of Pretoria

  • The Centre for Contextual Ministry is our link to the University of Pretoria. Through them we obtained accreditation for the NBI learning programs.
  • CE@UP (Continued Education at the University of Pretoria) awards the certificates that we issue to all successful NBI learners.
  • CCM also provides a pathway for successful NBI learners to continue with more advanced courses that can eventually lead to tersiary qualifications.
  • CCM uses some of the NBI learning guides for their own courses.
  • CCM and NBI are working together in preparing the way to form a professional body for religious professionals (or practisioners) and a forum for service providers that provide training to untrained pastors.
  • Link to the website of CCM:– Centre for Contextual Ministry

Academic associates

Associates in other countries

An expanding number of institutions in different African countries are using NBI learning material and are therefore regarded as NBI associates.

  • To see a list of these associates, with their contact details, click here
  • To see the partnership agreement we make with these associates, click here

Learning centres/Bible schools

NBI offers distance learning programs. However, most of our learners form part of learning groups meeting at learning centres all over South Africa. Some of these centres also call themselves Bible schools.

  • These learning groups function under the guidance of volunteer facilitators
  • Although they use NBI learning guides, they remain independent and are responsible for their own administration and finances. No learning centre is under the control of NBI and therefore none of them is the legal responsibility of the NBI in any way.
  • To ensure quality control, all assessments are marked at the NBI offices.
  • Learners at all these learning centres still receive the UP certificates after the successful completion of the learning programs.

To see a list of all the learning centres in South Africa that use NBI learning material, click here

The list also provides contact details so that interested people can contact the learning centre closest to themselves