Athletes for Christ comprises of a group of 22 ‘Maties’ (Stellenbosch University students), who for the 45th time since the inception of the group in 1975, raises funds for the prison ministry division of Nehemiah Bible Institute.
They accomplish this great feat through running from town to town across the country covering on average 1,900 kilometres, while engaging with prisons on route, to conduct encouraging and inspiring talks to thousands of prisoners, about Christ.
Their motto is: ‘We run, sing and talk Christ.’

The writing is on the wall …

This year, 12 July 2019, they stopped in Wellington for the first time since their existence and performed beautiful singing at the NG Church Wellington East and the following morning at Haweqa Prison. The Bikers Church welcomed them into town and escorted them through Church Street to the Bible Media / Nehemiah Bible Institute building. The run started 27 June from Patterson and will end 17 July in Bettys Bay. What an amazing bunch of young athletes!


Prison Ministry Christmas card project

Annually, Nehemiah Bible Institute ‘NBI’ (Bible Media) staff, together with Wellington East congregation and other diverse congregations and individuals embark on this very special Christmas project.

Christmas cards are handmade and coupled with a stamped envelope, to be handed out to the 1000 prisoners. This gives the prisoner an opportunity to write a message inside the card and post it to their family members and loved ones outside of prison. This project originated in 2011 where we were only able to hand out 220 cards, in 2012 it increased to 540 cards and in the year 2013 to 800 cards. This is achieved by advertising our need on media platforms that include radio interviews, facebook and emailed requests.

The project has expanded to 1000 cards annually and we are sincerely grateful for everyone’s contribution to this project. Individuals are invited to make homemade cards, decorated with the Christmas theme on the outside and left blank inside for the prisoner to write their message. Drawings, pictures, glitter, colour paper, etc. can be utilised to give the cards the look and feel of Christmas, touching the hearts of the prisoners as they miss their loved ones dearly. These special cards, coupled with some blank stamped envelopes that the cards fit into, or just stamps, can be sent or posted to us at the NBI office, for the attention of Mercial Adonis anytime of the year.