Who may enroll?

  • This learning program is designed to help church leaders at the grassroots level who have not had the opportunity to get theological training. We therefore offer our services specifically to church leaders who are already in ministry. Any church leader, ranging from youth leader, Sunday School teacher, elder, deacon, reverend, evangelist to bishop and archbishop, will find this course very helpful in his/her daily duties. The course was designed according to the felt needs of church leaders in Africa.
  • We do not have specific academic entrance requirements for enrolment. More than half of the current learners have matric.
  • We may consider recognition of prior learning after evaluation.
  • People who enrol are asked to include a letter of recommendation from their church leader.


Registration form

  • Click for: nbi-enrollment form 
  • This is only for students resident in South Africa.
  • To enroll for the course in other countries, consult the section about our partners.

Enrollment fees

  • For 2018 the fees will be R950 per module of five subjects.
  • Learners also have the option to pay for one book at a time instead of the whole module of five learning guides. Then the required fee is R190 per book.
  • There is a special discount for those who join learning groups of 10 learners or more. This offer will also apply to Bible Schools and Learning Centres that would like to use the course in their training. However, the cost of the UP certificate will be added to this discount price (for 2018 it will be R600 per module or R120 per book).

Procedures for registration

  • Fill in the enrolment form. Please provide all the information required on the form.
  • Pay the required amount into NBI’s bank account. You only pay the course fees – there is no additional registration fee. The bank details are provided on the enrolment form. Make sure you get a deposit slip.
  • Fax or email the completed enrolment form together with the deposit slip to the NBI office. The fax numbers are: 021 864 8250 or 086 687 8620. The email address is:
  • You also have to send a copy of your ID document with the enrolment form.
  • As soon as we have all the required documents, we will post to you all the learning guides for which you have paid.