NBI Student Testimony – 25 July 2019

My name Is Zoliswa Cynthia Mqondeki, I live in Makhaza (Khayelitsha) and I’m currently one of the students at Emmaus Bible School (Khayelitsha branch). This bible school has had a huge impact in my life physically and spiritually. When I started I did not have a clear understanding of certain things such as discipleship, and leadership. It has taught me the importance of spending time with GOD (through prayer and reading the bible). At my church I am one of the busiest church members and as a result, when I get tired all I would usually think about when I get home, is to sleep. However, through this bible school I learned the importance of spending my time with GOD.

I am also able to balance everything that GOD gave me (time, money and people) and I must manage all of that well. Everything belongs to GOD that is why I, as child of GOD, I must give it back to him willingly. I was very bad with budgeting, but now I have learnt to do it excellently.



NBI sponsors one learner group in prison with Church Leadership Development Program and Ministry Development Program studies.

One individual in the group is Neville Martin born in 1979.  

Neville who is studying to be a Pastor, grew up in a squatter camp and experienced terrible acts of violence and abuse as a child. This resulted in a deep sense of anger and despair, so he turned to life a crime, drugs and violence.  However, he discovered that his lifestyle was unable to compensate for his hurt and he decided to commit suicide. With a pistol under his chin, ready to pull the trigger, it seemed as if some hand pushed the gun away and he sensed a voice telling him ‘Don’t do it!’ 

Shortly after this Neville was arrested and sent to prison where he has found peace and healing and more importantly, Jesus Christ. He believes that in prison God wants to restore and equip him to tell others about Jesus who can change their lives too.  

Neville has now progressed to the point of being a top student in NBI, a man Jesus has changed into a soft loving and compassionate person, reflecting Jesus wherever he goes.

Any financial contributor towards this ministry can freely request to view the statement of results for the students in this learner group and will find they are pleasantly surprised, considering the prisoners have no internet access and a limited library for resources.

The contributions that sponsors make toward this ministry have an enormous impact on these men’s lives.